hezekiah_allen_website_grey.jpgBorn at home and raised off-the-grid in rural Humboldt County, Hezekiah Damian Allen is a strategic thinker with a unique and creative perspective.

With a background in international affairs and watershed management, Hezekiah is a  focused problem solver with expertise in a wide range of subject matter.

Hezekiah has worked on state and local policy--on a wide range of projects including alternative energy, conservation irrigation, forestry, fisheries transportation and land use.

A lifetime of experience in homestead development and a do it yourself approach allows Allen to bridge the gap between plan and real world--on a timeline and budget. 

Hezekiah Started working in Sacramento in 2011--relocating there in 2014--and is quickly learning the ebbs and flows of the legislative cycle.

He is a leading subject matter expert on cannabis policy and has worked directly with lawmakers and regulators to help develop the emerging regulations for California.