Priority Issues

Policy Priorities for 2018

This year HDA will focus on advocating for the following priority issues:

  • Wildfire

In 2008, the state experienced a severe firestorm. In 2015 another. As I write this the costliest and deadly wildfires in our states history continue to rage. These severe wildfires are coming more frequently and with increasing intensity. Comprehensive policy reform related to wildfire is an urgent priority to California.  

  • Water

Too many Californians think water comes out of the tap. Few know where their water comes from and the threats it is facing.  Our populations limited understanding of their water is a significant inhibiting factor in persistent management challenges facing land mangers. HDA supports simple legislation to require California students periodically learn about the water they depend on.  

  • Transportation

The recently completed SMART train improves connectivity on the southern third of the North Coast. However, the region still lacks an accessible transit option connecting it to the rest of the state. A passenger rail line connecting the North Coast to the Capitol Corridor would be a tremendous step forward.